The Haya' is an online shop based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The Haya' was founded on 2013 by our founder, Siti Hajar. The Haya' provide a simple yet graceful muslimah attire. We'll provide the best service for you, inshaaAllah. WEAR WITH MODESTY.

Haya is an Arabic word derived from the word hayat. This term covers a wide number of concepts. In English, it may be translated as modesty, shyness, self-respect, bashfulness, shame, honor, humility, etc. The original meaning of haya refers to a bad and uneasy feeling accompanied by embarrassment, caused by one's fear of being exposed for something unworthy or indecent conduct. Islamically, haya is an attribute which encourages believers to avoid anything distasteful.

Same as the meaning of haya, The Haya' tend to be the one of the source of inspiration for women to cover themselves perfectly, inshaaAllah.